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Traditionally it is accepted to paint Easter eggs red. It's like Easter wine is a symbol of Christ's blood. On Easter table with fish, lavash, raisins rice and with wine painted eggs are put. Sometimes eggs are paint by other colors, decorate with colorful ribbons and threads. For painting you should take select eggs without damaged cover. For painting it red you need red onion peel which you need to collect 2-3 weeks before Easter. Pore peels you put the darker the color would be. Before boiling the egg, boil the peels for half an hour. Leave the liquor to cool. Wash the eggs, leave it on the salt water for 1 hour, so as not to crack during the boiling. Put the clean eggs on the liquid of onion peels and boil longer than usual. There are different varieties of the paints, but it is preferable to choose natural dyes. If you want to put eggs of different colors on the table than we offer you receive the colors with the help of vegetables and spices. Yellow color may be recieved by boiling the egg into the turmeric or saffron liquor. Fresh beet juice would paint the egg pink. If you boil the egg with spinach it would become green. If you cut into small pieces the red cabbage mix with half liter of water and with 5-6 spoon vinegar and leave it to become tincture for the whole night, then that liqure would become blue paint. Wet violet flowers at the night, in the morning there will be violent paint, a little lemon juice may be added in order to make the color lighter. If you boil the egg into the coffee the eggs would become auburn.