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Precocious vegetables are always attractive. Many kind of fruits are brought from abroad and glasshouses, but they aren't always useful. Fruits grown in the open air contain less nitrates than ones grown into the glasshouses. Nitrates should be neutralized so as to keep as much vitamins as it is possible. Some advice how to lower the quantity of the nitrates. The most productive way is thermal treatment. Cook vegetable in the non salt water. Water should cover the food. Add salt either at the end or after squeezing the water. Squeeze the water until it is cold, otherwise nitrates would get into the product again. While frying and stewing nitrates are missing for 10%. Vegetables with leaves may be wet into the cold water. Cut cabbage or armtech before wet. But it is important to remember that with nitrates vitamins and microelements fall into the water as well. On the leaves of the parsley and dill nitrates are accumulate two times less then on the stalks. On the cabbage leaves on the shank and rigid parts there are more nitrates. On the carrot harmful ingredients 80% are less than of the nucleus. Remove the root and head of the beet, cut green parts of the carrot and potatoes as they contain solana hazardous substance, before eating cabbage, beet drink a juice, ascorbic acid. Vitamin C would protect your body. If the food spoils very soon, then it contains many nitrates. More nitrates contain cabbage, beet, green onion, dill and spinach.The less nitrates contain green beans, potatoes, tomatoes and sweet pepper.

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