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First off al while choosing honey pay attention on the color. If it has albescent shade, then probably it contains sugar syrup. If the honey is dark brown, it may be old, frozen, melted honey which doesn't contain useful ingredients any more. Not depending what color the honey has it should be transparent. If there are some elements into the honey, then it contains some additives. Honey always should have thickness. Put a toothpick on the honey then take off slowly. Real honey would stretch with the toothpick by a thin trickle. If you roll the toothpick the honey would cuddle on the toothpick. When the trickle is cut it would set on the surface of the honey like a hill, then it would be equal with the surface. Though it should be taken into consideration that there is a type of honey '' watery'' such as clover, acacia, lime honey. Honey should not be effervescent. If there is a foam on the surface of the honey, has acid odor, gases are produced on the honey pot it means that the honey, is not "Grown-up" yet and contains more watery part. Such honey should be put on the steam and heat for 20 minutes. It wouldn't become acid but the it wouldn't contain useful ingredients. Open honey with water with 1:2 ratio. There should be dim liquid. Divide honey mortar into two parts. Add a few drops of the iodine on the one part of the honey. If the liquid is blue then there is a starch on the honey. Look on the other part. If there is a precipitate add vinegar on it. If on the sludge there is a part of a chalk it would foam. If you keep a good honey for a long time it becomes solid like a stone. But if it stays in a watery way then it's quality is poor. Solid honey may be melted on the fire, it wouldn’t effect on its quality too much. Honey is kept into the dishes made of ceramic and glass which have well lockable caps. Remember that you shouldn’t keep other products with sharp aroma.

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