My kitchen

The choose of the kitchen knife is a difficult problem. Never buy inefficient knifes. It cuts bad, it always needs to be sharpen, so it makes the process of the food making more difficult. Beside this in this case that knife would serve you during a very short period. How many knifes one need in the kitchen ? Professional cooks say that there should be 3 knifes: 1. Big (35-40sm) 2. Middle (30-35 sm) 3. Small (20-25sm). With the help of this knifes any problem may be solved in the kitchen. Just one more knife wouldn't hurt, for bread (indented). Such kind of knife cuts any kind of bread. There are also special knifes for cleaning fish ,vegetables, cheese, sausage. Taking into consideration the above mentioned we can say that one needs 4 types of knifes in the kitchen. From what material are made the knifes?. As it is known knife is composed of two parts: handles and blades. Pay attention on the wooden handles which is most used and accepted variant. There are knifes which handles are made of metal or plastic material. The first ones are very firm and come out of the use very soon, the second ones are just not convenient. Such kind of knifes are rather heavy: especially for kitchen. The best blades of the knifes are made of stainless steel. There is no need to buy general steel knifes, such kind of knifes come out of the order very soon and they require special care. Bad blades became useless very soon and with that kind of knife you can hurt yourself rather than to work. Attention may be paid on the exotic side: knifes made of black pottery. This kind of knifes differ by their specific resistance and never come out of the use.
The choose. Knife handle and the connection. For the strength of the knife Blades must go through the handle with the full length. Don't buy the knife which handle is made of plastic and it is without nails. Nails should be fixed and chiseled. Generally knifes with a wide blades cut even but they aren't very convenient. The knifes with thin blades are convenient but they cut in an uneven way. One should choose the knife with a middle width. Only for cleaning vegetable one needs short and narrow knife. There is no need to expense money on the quality of knife. It is convenient to buy a few knifes with high quality and use them for a long time.