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My kitchen

1.While cooking moldy cabbage or cabbage put a nut with its cover into the water and unpleasant odors wouldn't come out of the kitchen.2. In order to avoid from unpleasant odors from wash tubes put 2 table spoon salt and 2 cups of vinegar and leave it the whole night, in the morning rinse with hot water.3.you can put cut lemon in the refrigerator, put clove granules on it, it removes unpleasant odors which aren't removed even after a good cleaning. The same thing is used in different countries for removing mosquitoes from the table.4. If unpleasant odors have spread all over the rooms than put minced coffee into small pots and put them in different parts of the house. Coffee neutralizes unpleasant odors.5. on the pan where fish was fried, in order to escape from unpleasant odor roast some coffee in the same pan.6. Boil vanilla essential into the water, in the kitchen will be a pleasant odor for a long time.

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