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At last the summer came: the time of fruits and berries. For sure they are more tasty and useful while they are fresh. But we need fruits especially when they are over: in winter. Fruits and vegetables may be canned, but there is an another easy and expensive way such as freezing. Fresh food should be freeze immediately, so as not to allow it to lose its look. Freezed fruits contain more vitamins than canned ones. For freezing strawberry, red and black currant, gooseberry, ground berry, plum and apricot first off all fruits should be put on the tray or on the flat plate, freeze and only then put on the pot where it should be kept. Plum and apricot should be cut and the stones should be removed before freezing. Strawberries and ground berries would be more tasty if you sprinkle a little sugar on them. Before freezing cut and remove the seeds of the apple, after a little freezing put into the dishes, then pour the sugar syrup of the room temperature (add ¾ cup of sugar on one cup of water) and freeze in this way. Before freezing the mushroom you should select the best mushrooms. Boil into the salt water, freeze and dry. Then put the mushrooms into sacks and dishes with small portions. Dill, parsley, celery should be whipped tightly or to be put into the foil with small beams. Tight and put into the freezer. Before freezing cauliflower, green bean, carrot and other vegetables such as rhubarb, sorrel it is advice to keep them into the boiling water for 2-3 minutes, after cooling put them into the plates and freeze.

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