How to cook soup “summer”

Remove the pumpkin’s skin and seeds, dice. Also slice the tomatoes. Remove the pepper’s seeds and cut in the same way. Clean and chop the potato. Boil 1,5 liters water, pour potato, pumpkin, lower the fire and cook 5-7min. Add the pepper, cut the carrot in long slices, fry a bit in the vegetable oil, add onion and fry for some minutes. Fill the tomato in the stewed onion and stew. The amount of the pan fill in the boiler, add salt, pepper and cook. Fill the soup in the plate, pour little milk on it and serve. Instead of pumpkin you can cook the soup with vegetable marrow.

You need the following ingredients for cooking soup “summer”

pumpkin pumpkin 150 gram

potato potato 2 pieces

pepper pepper 1 pieces

tomato tomato 2 pieces

carrot carrot 1 pieces

onion onion 1 head

oil oil 2 tablespoon

milk milk 75 ml

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 160 kcal