How to cook siberian borsch

Wet bean in the cold water 8min, wash, fill warm water and cook without salt. Slice onion, fill the half of butter in the pan and fry the onion. Add long sliced carrot, fry 5min and add tomato paste. Cut the beet in long slices, fry, add little broth, sugar, 1/3 vinegar and stew until the vegetable softens. Mix all the vegetables. Fill cabbage, chopped potato in the boiling broth and cook 10min. Add beet, boiled bean, garlic and spices. Cook again 10min, leave 15min so that the tastes can mix. Mince onions and meat, add egg, water, salt, pepper and mix well. Prepare meat-balls and cook in brine 15min. Fill the balls in the plate, also fill borsch, drip sour cream and sprinkle green.

You need the following ingredients for cooking siberian borsch

Beet Beet 150 gram

potato potato 50 gram

red bean red bean 40 gram

carrot carrot 40 gram

tomato paste tomato paste 30 gram

garlic garlic 2 clove

sugar sugar 10 gram

broth broth 800 gram

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

green green

cabbage cabbage

onion onion 1 head

beef beef 120 gram

vinegar vinegar

egg egg 1 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 240 kcal