How to cook okroshka with kefir

Prepare shaped ice beforehand, wash dill, put dill branches in the plate of ice, fill water and put in the freezer. Then cook and clean potato. Wash cucumber and remove the skin. Also clean hardboiled egg. Chop the egg, potato, cucumber and ham. Wash beet, dry and chop. Also wash green and slice. Fill all ingredients in a large pan, add green, salt, pepper and mix with kefir. During serving put one or two ice cubes in the plate.

You need the following ingredients for cooking okroshka with kefir

cucumber cucumber 4 pieces

Beet Beet 6 pieces

potato potato 2 pieces

egg egg 2 pieces

yogurt yogurt

salt salt

green onion green onion 1 bouquet

parsley parsley

dill dill

Kopchenkov Kopchenkov 400 gram

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 316 kcal