How to cook moscow borsch

Cook the meat with the ham ribs. Cut the cleaned beet in long slices. Heat the butter, fill the beet, and stew for a few minute, that the oil layer covers it. Then add a bit broth, tomato paste, sugar and cook with closed lid until the beet softens. If the color of beet isn’t bright, then fill 1/3 vinegar before cooking. Clean the carrot, parsley and onion. Cut in long slices and fry with butter. In the boiling broth fill the cabbage, cook for about 10-15min, add already cooked beet’s roots and cook 10min on a lower fire. Fill the spices and vinegar, cook for 5min. Chop already cooked meat, ham, cut the sausages in long slices, fill the broth and cook for about 10-15min. During serving fill the meat on the surface of the plate, fill the borsch, sour cream and cut greens on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking moscow borsch

Beet Beet 400 gram

parsley parsley 25 gram

onion onion 100 gram

tomato paste tomato paste 60 gram

oil oil 40 gram

sugar sugar 10 gram

vinegar vinegar 30 gram

broth broth

ham ham 100 gram

butter butter 30 gram

beef beef 110 gram

Kopchenkov Kopchenkov 70 gram

Sausages Sausages 50 gram

cabbage cabbage 300 gram

green green

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 55 kcal