How to cook french cheese soup

Melt the butter in the thin-walled pan, add flour and mix. Slowly add the hot broth and continue to mix. Add vine, chopped garlic, pepper and nutmeg. Boil, mix and add grated cheese. When the cheese melts, the soup will be ready. Break two eggs, separate the albumen, whisk the yolk with sour cream, add in the soup and mix well. Also add the cheese pieces and chopped parsley. Serve in hot with fried bread pieces and grated garlic.

You need the following ingredients for cooking french cheese soup

butter butter 100 gram

flour flour 2 tablespoon

broth broth 150 ml

white wine white wine 0.5 teacup

yolk yolk 2 pieces

parsley parsley

black pepper black pepper

nutmeg nutmeg

garlic garlic

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 260 kcal