How to cook samosa

Drizzle flour and 0.25 tea spoon slat, 2 tablespoon vegetable oil,180ml water, puddle dough and knead for 10 minutes, cover and leave it to calm down for 15 minutes. For stuffing making fry with vegetable oil small cut onion, ginger, carrot and chilli pepper add minced meat, mix them while frying spice with pepper, kario, turmeric, cumin, salt , take off the fire and leave it to cool. Divide the dough into 6 parts, open each of the balls for 20sm diameter and add 0.5 tea spoon vegetable oil and a sprinkle a little flour, spread with hand in an even way and put aside. The same should be done with each of the balls, put on each other, press the edges a little so as make them to touch a bit but don’t make a one slice from them. Roll the made circle with 30sm diameter. Heat the same size pan on the middle volume fire, put on the dough slices, leave until form one side white spots appear, move to the other side and do the same thing on this side as well, then put on the table, cut into 4 pieces, roll 3 of them into the towel, and separate from each other the remaining one part and put on each other. Open the other slices in the same way, roll into the towel, add 35gram flour and 60ml water, mix them well so as to make a dough like glue. Shape a pocket from the dough slices, glue the edges with watery dough, glue put on the kernel part, and put on glue on the open sides of the dough, move it towards and fix it well. Fry samosans into the vegetable oil then move on the napkins. Serve in a tepid way.

You need the following ingredients for cooking samosa

flour flour 300 gram

oil oil 3 tablespoon

chicken chicken 300 gram

chilli chilli 0,5 pieces

carrot carrot 0,5 pieces

celery celery 1 stem

ginger ginger

saffron saffron 0,5 teaspoon

ground cumin ground cumin 0,5 teaspoon

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 117 kcal