How to cook roll with chicken and mushroom

Cut the chicken so that it has smooth surface. Remove bones so that remains only skin and meat. Cut the chicken so that it has rectangular shape. The parts, where the layers are thin, fill with breast meat and equate to the other parts. Season with salt and pepper. On a cutting board overspread a thin household plastic bag, put the chicken, cover with another bag and beat special little hummer. Divide mushrooms into four parts and cut the pepper in long slices. Fry in vegetable oil until softens. Mix the fried mushrooms, pepper, basil, whisked egg and salt in the pan. Instead of egg you can add grated cheese. Put the core in the middle of the chicken. Roll starting with wide part. Also roll with bag and tie the ends with thread or with foil. Put in boiling water. Cook on lower fire for 40min. Leave the cooked roll to cool, remove the bags, put in the pan, scrape soy sauce or honey mixture. Put in oven at 180 degree for 15-20. Take out after it reddens. Serve as separate dish or appetizer.

You need the following ingredients for cooking roll with chicken and mushroom

chicken chicken 2 kg

red pepper red pepper 1 pieces

shampiniony shampiniony 150 gram

basil basil

egg egg 1 pieces

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

oil oil

honey honey 1 tablespoon

soy sauce soy sauce 1 tablespoon

total cost of a prescription is 11Dollar
` calorie 582 kcal