How to cook chicken with chinese sauce

Grate orange and lemon covers, squeeze the juice put into the pot. Grate garlic and ginger into small pieces, put into the same pot, add soy sauce, white wine, olive oil, nuts, honey, spice with pepper, mix them well then remove all these in a tight plastic bag, tight the mouth and leave it to marinate for 3-4 hours. During that period dislocate the bag for a few times. Spread foil into the stove pan, put on it macaroni taken from marinade and cook under 2000 temperature for 30 minutes. Put the marinade into the stew pot, cook on the low fire for 10 minutes until it is thickens. Boil water into the pot, add salt and cook the rice. Scrape marinade on the chicken pieces, lower the stove temperature to the 1800 and continue to cook for 15 more minutes, during that period spice macaronis with marinade for 2-3 times. Serve with rice and some salad.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chicken with chinese sauce

Chicken Leg Chicken Leg 1 kg

soy sauce soy sauce 0.025 coffee cup

white wine white wine 0.5 coffee cup

ginger ginger 1 teaspoon

garlic garlic 2 clove

nutmeg nutmeg 0.25 teaspoon

honey honey 2 teaspoon

oil oil 2 tablespoon

orange orange 1 pieces

lemon lemon 0.5 pieces

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

rice rice 100 gram

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 317 kcal