How to cook chicken envelopes

Boil the chicken beforehand, chop, fill in the pan, grate little boiled carrot, and also grate cheese. Add chopped parsley, season with peppers, cinnamon, salt and mayonnaise to taste and mix. Cut the lavash 10 cm thick layers, fill melted butter on it, put a tablespoon filling in a corner and roll like triangle. Align in greased pan, generously scrape butter and put in oven. Take out as soon as reddens. Serve immediately.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chicken envelopes

chicken chicken 400 gram

parsley parsley 1 tablespoon

carrot carrot 2 pieces

tomato paste tomato paste 1 tablespoon

red pepper red pepper 1 teaspoon

cinnamon cinnamon 1 pinch

butter butter 100 gram

pita pita 3 pieces

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

mayonnaise mayonnaise

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 162 kcal