How to cook chicken breast with tarragon

Wash mushroom, clean and remove feet. Chop onion and fry with the mushroom on strong fire in butter and vegetable oil mixture. Fry for 5-6min until becomes golden. Fill salt, pepper and take out from fire. Mix in blender cream-fresh (with sour cream), white vine, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Fill salt and pepper on the chicken breast in both sides. Grease the pan with butter, put the breast and fill on it the fried mushroom and onion. Also fill the blender mixture. Then fill the sliced tarragon. Put the pan at 170 C oven for about 30min. Take out the meat out of the oven. Fill the broth in a pan for sauce. Add the rest of butter and boil. Cover the breast and mushroom with foil and leave to cold. Mix flour with one tablespoon water and fill on broth. Whisk the mass to become sauce. Cook until clots for 2-3min and add salt and pepper. Serve this sauce with the breast. Decorate with tarragon.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chicken breast with tarragon

chicken chicken 500 gram

shampiniony shampiniony 400 gram

onion onion 1 head

white wine white wine 1 teacup

tarragon tarragon 15 stem

nutmeg nutmeg

flour flour 1 tablespoon

oil oil 3 tablespoon

butter butter 100 gram

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 307 kcal