How to cook skhtorats

Grate raw potato, add mashed pieces of the garlic, break an egg, add minced roasted lamb fillet, spice with salt and pepper, mix it well. Shape two cylinders from that mass and imbrue into the flour. Fry sxtorats with fat. In order to make a sauce fry two table spoon of flour until color changes, take off the fire and leave it to cool. Cut onion into small pieces, fry with fat, then add tomato sauce, mix with broth fried flour, cook for 2 minutes, drop skhtotats into the water, heat it, sprinkle on it cut garlic.

You need the following ingredients for cooking skhtorats

lamb lamb 500 gram

potato potato 2 pieces

garlic garlic 4 clove

onion onion 2 head

parsley parsley

basil basil

egg egg 2 pieces

oil oil

flour flour 0.5 teacup

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

broth broth 1 teacup

tomato paste tomato paste 3 tablespoon

vinegar vinegar 1 teaspoon

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 397 kcal

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