How to cook beef with mushroom sauce

Cut pieces with 3-4 sm of thickness form beef fillet, thicken it with the help of pressing, sprinkle pepper and thyme and mash it. Heat olive oil into the pan, fry the meat from one side, invert it, add salt on the fried side, add butter into the pan and also fry from the other part, invert, add salt and leave for 1 more minute, then remove into the stove under 1800 temperature and cook for 5-8 minutes. For making sauce we need the following. Fry a little small cut onion into the same olive oil. Cut broccoli into big pieces put into the strainer then put the strainer on the boiling pot and cover it and let the broccoli to heat with the help of stew. Add slices mushroom on the fried onion and continue to fry for 4-5 minutes, add white wine, boil for 2-3 minutes, add grated cheese and mix. As soon as cheese melts add cream and mix on the low volume fire until sauce becomes homogeneous. Put the meat into the plate add on it sauce. Serve broccoli as a garnish.

You need the following ingredients for cooking beef with mushroom sauce

beef beef 300 gram

butter butter 20 gram

oil oil 1 tablespoon

thyme thyme 0,5 teaspoon

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

mushrooms mushrooms 200 gram

onion onion 1 head

white wine white wine 30 ml

cream cream 200 ml

COM_CCK_broccoli COM_CCK_broccoli 1 head

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 76 kcal