How to cook satsivi with pork

Chop the pork and fry it with chopped onion in the pot. Pound the core of nut with coriander, garlic, salt and pepper seeds, add corn flour and six cups water. Fill in the pot, where the fried meat is and cook 20-25min. Before five minutes of cooking add pounded coriander seeds, khmeli-suneli, minced carnation and cinnamon, vine vinegar or pomegranate juice and fill salt. Freeze the ready satsivi and serve cold.

You need the following ingredients for cooking satsivi with pork

pork pork 500 gram

onion onion 300 gram

walnut walnut 200 gram

cilantro cilantro 3 stem

garlic garlic 2 clove

flour flour 1.5 tablespoon

hops suneli hops suneli 1 teaspoon

pepper peas pepper peas

wine vinegar wine vinegar

cinnamon cinnamon

Carnation Carnation

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 104 kcal