How to cook nerve with orange

Melt butter on the pan, add sugar, and mix until sugar melts. Cut orange into circles, without peeling with the thickness of 1 sm and fry them until it begins to be like a caramel then remove on the plate with fat. Put flour, red pepper into the food membrane and mix. Remove the liver membrane, make slices, put into the membrane spiced with pepper so as liver parts get into the flour equally. Heat olive oil into the pan, fry liver parts, put on the plate add salt. Dry cut and sliced onion as well with the same fat, add broth reach to the boiling position, put into it the liver parts, put on the lids and cook for 5 minutes then add mustard, orange with its fat, sprinkle on it cut parsley and take off the fire.

You need the following ingredients for cooking nerve with orange

butter butter 25 gram

sugar sugar 25 gram

orange orange 1 pieces

flour flour 55 gram

red pepper red pepper 1 teaspoon

beef liver beef liver 400 gram

onion onion 1 head

broth broth 250 ml

mustard mustard 2 teaspoon

oil oil

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

parsley parsley 0.5 bouquet

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 259 kcal

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