How to cook meghry meatballs

Mash minced beef and boiled potato so as there appears homogenous mass, then crushed nuts, cumin, nana small cut parsley, egg, add salt and pepper and knead it well. Heat oil on the pan with the medium volume fire. Make balls from stuffing imbrue into the flour, fry it from all sides, lower the fire and stew for 5 minutes. While serving sprinkle on it small cut parsley, and put a slice of lemon. Serve with salad or garnish.

You need the following ingredients for cooking meghry meatballs

beef beef 250 gram

potato potato 200 gram

yolk yolk 1 pieces

walnut walnut 30 gram

raisin raisin 20 gram

flour flour 0.5 teacup

oil oil 2 tablespoon

ground cumin ground cumin 3 gram

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

nana nana

cilantro cilantro

parsley parsley

lemon lemon 0.5 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 161 kcal