How to cook meat-balls provansal

Wet bread. Clean the onion and dice. Chop the green. Mix meat, egg and onion. Add bread, which should be squeezed beforehand to remove the liquid. Fill salt, pepper and add mustard. Make balls from gingers and fry in the oil. Take out and put in warm place. The rest of onion and garlic clean and chop. Remove the peel of apple and dice. Fry all this in the pan’s oil. Add flour and roast. Fill broth, apple’s juice, salt and pepper. Serve the meat-balls with its sauce. You can decorate it with cherri small tomato, olives and greens.

You need the following ingredients for cooking meat-balls provansal

beef beef 500 gram

bread bread 1 pieces

onion onion 3 head

parsley parsley 1 bouquet

mustard mustard

green onion green onion 1 bouquet

egg egg 1 pieces

oil oil

garlic garlic 1 clove

apple apple 1 pieces

broth broth 250 ml

flour flour 2 tablespoon

apple juice apple juice 2 tablespoon

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 341 kcal