How to cook kabab whiped with lavash

Grate onion and garlic on the minced meat, add mashed parsley seeds, add salt and pepper, mix it well, there hsould be a mass with the medium softness.Make long kakabs of that mass, fry them with olive oil till there appears a cover but don't cook it wholly. Cut squares form lavashes so that it would be possible to whip kababs with it. Put kabab on lavash in a diagonal way, bring the three angles forward, put the made rolls into the pan filed with olive oil, scrape olive oil in it, put into the stove under 1800 temperature and leave it for 10 minutes. Make sauce during that period: mix ketchup, mayonise, tabasko sauce and mustard. Serve on together.

You need the following ingredients for cooking kabab whiped with lavash

beef beef 400 gram

onion onion 1 head

garlic garlic 1 clove

cilantro cilantro

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

oil oil

oil oil

pita pita 2 pieces

ketchup ketchup 100 ml

mayonnaise mayonnaise 100 ml

mustard mustard 1 teaspoon

sauce sauce

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 108 kcal

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