How to cook cutlet “summer memory”

Add milk on the rusk and leave it to soften. Spread olive paper under the stove pan, csape olive oil with the help of brush. Fat slice should be very thin so as cutlets would not spread and lose their shape. Add salt and pepper on the minces meat, add small cut garlic, eggs, soft rusk, knead it well, shape cutlets place on the stove pan. Cut slices form onion, tomato and cheese with the number of cutlets. Put a circle of onion on each cutlet, scrape mayonnaise, add tomato and slice and scrape mayonnaise. Press all these stuff on the cutlet slightly and put into the stove under 1800temperature for 30-35 minutes.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cutlet “summer memory”

beef beef 0.5 kg

cracker cracker 3 tablespoon

egg egg 2 pieces

garlic garlic 1 clove

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

milk milk 2 tablespoon

onion onion 2 head

tomato tomato 2 pieces

mayonnaise mayonnaise 50 ml

leaves moroli leaves moroli

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 283 kcal

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