How to cook kerusus (“eat and shut up”)

Wash the meat, remove membrane and stringy parts, chop up, fill salt, pepper and fry without oil. When the meat is nearly ready, add oil and long sliced potato. It should be washed beforehand with cold water and dried with towel. Fry by mixing constantly. Chop the onion and fry in oil, add tomato paste and fill on meat and potato. Fry again 2-3min. Fill on it chopped fresh parsley and serve.

You need the following ingredients for cooking kerusus (“eat and shut up”)

lamb lamb 450 gram

onion onion 2 head

oil oil 3 tablespoon

tomato paste tomato paste 2 tablespoon

potato potato 4 pieces

parsley parsley 1 bouquet

black pepper black pepper 1 pinch

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 276 kcal