How to cook roll with veal

Cut thin slices for the beef meat, mince the rest of the meat. Cut onion and mushroom for making the stuffing, then fry with olive oil, add minced meat, fry a little, spice with salt and pepper, nuts, add bread wetted with milk, mix it, add small cut parsley take off the fire and leave it to cool. Put food membrane on the meat layer, beat it until there is a thin slice of meat, spice with salt and pepper. Spread food membrane on the table, put on it the meat layers so that there be one rectangular layer, and cover the edges slightly so as to glue the edges. Add on the stuffing cube like cut eggs, stone removed olives and mix it. Put the kernel part on the meat edges, roll cylinder with the help of membrane, put inside the rest of the side parts, bound with cotton thread. Heat the olive oil into the pan, fry the cylinder from all sides, put big cut carrot on the sides, onion cut into 4 pieces and continue to fry, then add the wine and broth, put on the lid, and boil on the high volume fire and cook for 45 minutes, inverting the cylinder each 15-20 minutes. Leave the meat into the pan to rest, cut with the 1.5 width, put on the tray, decorate with lettuce leaves, sprinkle a little sauce, serve the rest of the sauce separately.

You need the following ingredients for cooking roll with veal

veal veal 800 gram

mushrooms mushrooms 200 gram

onion onion 3 head

bread bread 0,5 pieces

egg egg 2 pieces

parsley parsley 0,5 bouquet

nutmeg nutmeg

oil oil

white wine white wine 0,5 coffee cup

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

olives olives

leaves moroli leaves moroli

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 472 kcal