How to cook homemade ham

It is used not only chicken’s brisket, but also “dark” meat. Cut not in large pieces, season with salt, pepper, chopped garlic, spices and gelatin. Mix well and leave 15-20min. Cut the sheath for the oven, fill the meat in it and tie with thread the ends. Put in the metal jar and cook in 190°С for an hour. Put the jar in the frying pan, so that unnecessary liquid doesn’t shed. After cooking leave to freeze, put in the fridge. Take off the next day and remove sheath. Cut not too thin and serve.

You need the following ingredients for cooking homemade ham

chicken chicken 600 gram

garlic garlic 1 clove

gelatin gelatin 1 tablespoon

green green 1 teaspoon

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 140 kcal

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