How to cook holiday rolls with meat

Chop meat in 1sm strips. Beat it in two sides. Grate garlic, scrape it on the one side of meat and put all the strips on each other. Close with something and put in the refrigerator. Grate cheese, chop onion, clean pear and dice for the nucleus. Whisk egg and fill salt, pepper. In another plate fill flour. Fill salt, pepper, a tablespoon cheese, then put pear, onion, green on the meat strips and roll. Put every roll in the flour, take out and leave a bit. Heat vegetable oil in the pan, put in the egg mixture in all sides and fry on lower fire for about 15-20min. Leave for some minutes, then cut and serve with garnish.

You need the following ingredients for cooking holiday rolls with meat

pork pork 500 gram

pear pear 2 pieces

onion onion 1 head

garlic garlic 4 clove

egg egg

flour flour

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

green green

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 98 kcal

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