How to cook bughlama (cooked on steam)

Wash meat, put in the pan, close the lid and cook on lower fire. The meat should be cooked on its steam. When all liquid parches, fill salt, pepper, crushed dried thyme and close the lid. When the meat starts to come out oily part, then add oil. After frying a bit, add vegetable. Cut tomato, pepper and onion rings, fill in the frying meat. Cook with closed lid and without mixing. When the vegetable softens and the juice comes out, you can serve. Fill the appeared juice on bughlama, pour greens and serve.

You need the following ingredients for cooking bughlama (cooked on steam)

lamb lamb 400 gram

tomato tomato 4 pieces

pepper pepper 2 pieces

oil oil 3 tablespoon

onion onion 3 head

green green

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

thyme thyme

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 236 kcal