How to cook kutap

Clean the fish without opening belly. After removing the bronchia, also remove guts from the hole. With the help of spoon carefully take out blood layer. Wash the fish once more. Fill salt, pepper and spray lemon juice. For the core mix boiled rice, raisins and ginger. Fill the mixture in the belly of the fish. Put the stuffed fish in greasy pan, where sowed bread crumbs. Cook in oven until the fish gets ready.

You need the following ingredients for cooking kutap

whitefish whitefish 1 kg

rice rice 1 teacup

butter butter

raisin raisin 0.5 teacup

ginger ginger 1 teaspoon

cracker cracker

lemon juice lemon juice 1 coffee cup

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 131 kcal