How to cook butterbread rabbit

Put bread layer on the lettuce leave, then the white layer of the cheese. Put two wholly slices of sausage so that one of them be the head of the rabbit and the rest will be the body. Cut into oval way the legs of the rabbit and but in horizontal way on the lower circle. Cut small and long 4 pieces and place on the cheese as hands of the rabbit. Cut smaller pieces from orange cheese and put on the rabbit feet. Cut rabbit snout from white cheese. Place green bean seed instead of rabbit eyes, and cut small pots from olives and make round eye parts. Also make rabbit nose from olive, and from the thin green hilt make mouth.

You need the following ingredients for cooking butterbread rabbit

bread bread

sausage sausage

carrot carrot

olives olives

green peas green peas

leaves moroli leaves moroli

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` calorie 0 kcal