How to cook butterbread '' lion''

Put bread immediately into the serving plate on which there is one leaf of lettuce. Cut sausage into circles for the '' lion'' body and put on the lettuce leaf, and put on the sausage round cut piece of cheese. As feet of lion we would use cheese layers, only not round but with half-moon shape. We would use medical sausage also while making tail of the lion. Cut sausage narrow and long and put form the right side of the lion body. Cut Dutch cheese into round pieces. Then cut the edges as it is seen on the picture. From the sausage layers you should receive three circles: two fro lion ears and the one for snout. Put sausages in their places. Two pieces of clots would be used as eyes and the olive seeds ad a nose. With the help of dills we would receive lion eyebrows, horn and lower part of the tail and draw lips with the help of ketchup.

You need the following ingredients for cooking butterbread '' lion''

bread bread

leaves moroli leaves moroli

sausage sausage

olives olives

green peas green peas

dill dill

ketchup ketchup

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` calorie 0 kcal