How to cook sote

Wet almonds with hot water and peel. Put cumin into the mixer pot, coriander seeds, lemon juice, 2 table spoon of olive oil, mix it together until there appears homogeneous mass. Uncover pumpkin, cut with the size of beans, cut broccoli with the same size. Pour a little olive oil into the pan, fry pumpkin and broccoli for 5 minutes, add peeled and cut almonds, chili pepper, fry 3-4 minutes then add sauce, and continue to cook on the low level fire until vegetable is ready, add a little soy sauce let the liquid part to stew and serve on.

You need the following ingredients for cooking sote

COM_CCK_broccoli COM_CCK_broccoli 1 head

kobachok kobachok 300 gram

almond almond 0.5 teacup

cumin cumin 0.5 teaspoon

coriander seeds coriander seeds 1 teaspoon

lemon lemon 0.5 pieces

oil oil 3 tablespoon

cilantro cilantro 0.5 bouquet

soy sauce soy sauce

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 33 kcal