How to cook salad “santa claus”

Cut into cubes crab sticks, pepper, salted red fish and tomatoes. Place on the thin platelayers of the salad: 1st layer – rice, 2nd layer – crab, 3rd layer pepper, 4th layer – potatoes, 5th layer – fish, 6th layer – mayonnaise. Make Santa Clause’s coat from fish pulp, make face from grated yolk, beard from albumen, put pepper grain instead of eyes. Gloves, belt, hat are made off red pepper. Decorate the edges of the dish by the layers of the cucumber.

You need the following ingredients for cooking salad “santa claus”

rice rice 250 gram

crab sticks crab sticks 200 gram

pepper pepper 1 pieces

tomato tomato 2 pieces

fish fish 100 gram

mayonnaise mayonnaise

to decorate

pepper pepper

fish fish

egg egg

cucumber cucumber

pepper peas pepper peas

total cost of a prescription is 0Dollar
` calorie 0 kcal