How to cook salad ‘grape’

Cook chicken ham, and cut in a small way. Leave dried plum into the boiled water for 20 minutes. Take off, squeeze and cut. Boil egg in a solid way and cut. Cut grape granules. Put ingredients layer by layer by scraping mayonnaise on each of the layer and sprinkle mashed nuts on it. According to your preference you can add garlic into the mayonnaise. 1st layer – chicken meat, mayonnaise, nuts.2nd layer - dried plum, mayonnaise, nuts. 3rd layer – cheese , mayonnaise, nuts, 4th layer – egg, mayonnaise, nuts, 5th layer – place cut grape grains very close to each other. Decorate with greens.

You need the following ingredients for cooking salad ‘grape’

Chicken Leg Chicken Leg 500 gram

grated cheese grated cheese 150 gram

egg egg 3 pieces

prune prune 150 gram

walnut walnut 150 gram

grapes grapes 300 gram

mayonnaise mayonnaise 250 gram

salt salt

oil oil

green green

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 501 kcal