How to cook salad ''christmas watch''

Boil chicken fillet, leave it to cool and cut. Boil the egg, separate albumen and yolk, hold through the scraper. Slash or grind nuts. Slash dried plums as well. Grate cheese. Put the meat on the plate add salt and scrape mayonnaise. Put the yolk on it, scrape mayonnaise with a thin layer. Cover the yolk with dried plums and scrape mayonnaise. Put on it the layer of graped cheese and again scrape mayonnaise. Sprinkle on the cheese slashed nuts ,and albumen on the nuts. Withthe thin layer of carrot decorate the watch with roman figures.

You need the following ingredients for cooking salad ''christmas watch''

chicken chicken 300 gram

egg egg 5 pieces

prune prune 150 gram

walnut walnut 100 gram

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 564 kcal