How to cook salad '' aragats ''

Cut potato and mushroom into 4 pieces. Cut lettuce with hands. Cut asparagus into 5-6 sm pieces. Prepare beforehand dry lavash and plum sauce. Pestle lavash add salt, red pepper, pestle garlic, suneli and vegetable oil, mix all this stuff so as spices spread in a even way. Then spread on the pan and dry into the stove in a very low temperature. Squeeze the main part of the plum sauce add pestle dill and garlic and store. Mix the cut vegetable, sprinkle salt and pepper and again mix. Then add plum and soya sauces then vegetable oil. Again mix and put into the served dish, decorate with dried lavash.

You need the following ingredients for cooking salad '' aragats ''

shampiniony shampiniony 4 pieces

tomato tomato 5 pieces

leaves moroli leaves moroli 0.5 bouquet

asparagus asparagus 5 stem

soy sauce soy sauce 0.5 tablespoon

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

oil oil 2 tablespoon

soy sauce soy sauce 1 tablespoon

crispy pita crispy pita

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 206 kcal