How to cook beautiful new year salad

Cook potatoes and make a puree. Hold through the scraper boiled carrots, egg and pickled cucumber. Put potatoes as a first layer,t hen egg, then pickled cucumber and carrot. Scrape mayonnaise between each layer, and cover salad with mayonnaise. Make holes on the salad, roll cheese and put it between the layers, put red pepper or tomato inside of the cheese so as it looks like a candle. Decorate with parsley and garnet grains.

You need the following ingredients for cooking beautiful new year salad

potato potato 2 pieces

carrot carrot 2 pieces

egg egg 3 pieces

pickle pickle 2 pieces

mayonnaise mayonnaise

parsley parsley

dill dill

pomegranate pomegranate 1 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 362 kcal