How to cook cheburek with rice and vegetables

Pour into the jorum 250ml water, 0,5 tea spoon salt, mix it add 200dram flour, knead dough, then add as much flour as it will be needed so that there appear dough which will not glue into your hands. Knead the dough, beat it and leave it to rest a little. Fry onion with small cut olive oil until it becomes transparent, add small cut onion in half a minute add big grated carrot, cucumber cut into cubes and fry until cucumber softens, spice with soy sauce, pepper, coriander seeds, turn off the fire add boiled and water free rice add salt, mix it and leave it to cool. Heat olive oil into the pan. Make balls from dough, roll with rolling pin with the thickness of 2-3 mm, put filling on one part, bring forward the other part, fix the edges well and fry with two sides until there appears red cover on the cheburek. Remove on the napkin. Serve on in hot condition.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cheburek with rice and vegetables

flour flour 400 gram

rice rice 130 gram

carrot carrot 1 pieces

cucumber cucumber 230 gram

soy sauce soy sauce 4 tablespoon

coriander seeds coriander seeds

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

onion onion 1 head

garlic garlic 1 clove

oil oil

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 75 kcal

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