How to cook mocha coffee

Pour the refined almond into the frying pan, which is covered with oil paper. Roast until it will become golden. Pour the milk into a medium-sized container, fill in with already roasted almond and orange skin. Cook on light fire, le don’t leave to boil. Cook ordinary coffee. Pour cocoa it into the cup and pour boiled coffee on it. Mix the honey and hot milk in a separate cup. Pour that milk on coffee and add brandy. Mocha coffee is ready.

You need the following ingredients for cooking mocha coffee

orange orange 1 pieces

almond almond 1 teacup

cocoa cocoa 2 tablespoon

black coffee black coffee 2 coffee cup

honey honey 3 tablespoon

milk milk 0.5 L

cognac cognac

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 65 kcal

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