How to cook nyoki with poatao

Mince boiled potato, or grate it into small pieces, put into the pot, add fresh curd, spice with salt and pepper, sprinkle on it dried rosemary, 2-3 table spoon flour, make a hole in the middle part put 1 mixed egg and mix with spoon then knead it with floury hairs. There should be soft, dough which will not touch on your hands, but it shouldn't be solid as well otherwise nyokis would collapse while cooking. Divide dough into two parts, shape ropes from them with the diameter of 2,5 sm and with the width of 2sm. Boil water into the pot, add a little olive oil and add salt. As soon as water begins to boil put nyokis into the water and cook under medium volume fire until those appear on the surface of the water. Heat olive oil into the pan, put water free nyokis into the pan, fry from one side then turn add green beans spice with freshly minced black pepper, put butter pieces, sprinkle fresh rosemary, turn off the fire, grate on it lemon cover, mix it, put on the serving plate and grate on the surface parmesan cheese.

You need the following ingredients for cooking nyoki with poatao

potato potato 3 pieces

cottage cheese cottage cheese 100 gram

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

citron citron

flour flour 0.5 teacup

egg egg 1 pieces

green peas green peas 100 gram

butter butter 25 gram

oil oil

lemon lemon

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 208 kcal