How to cook imam bayalti

Cut eggplant, make deep holes with the help of knife on the cut parts, so as eggplants remain with the whole shape, put into the salt with the cut part and put on the side for 30 minutes. Peel the tomates, cut them cut pepper and chilli peppers as well. Dry eggplants with napkin, scrape olive oil on the cut part, and fry only frim that side then remove on the napkin. Cut onion into small pieces, slightly fry with olive oil, add cut pepper and fry for 3-4 minutes. Remove the stuffing part of the eggplants with the help of spoon, add on the fried onion and fry for 3 minutes. Mash zira with big salt, add on the pot, add small cut and mashed garlic, dry nana, add tomato pieces in a minutes, spice with salt and pepper, add small cut nuts, mix it, turn off the fire, add small cut parsley and mix them together. Fill in the eggplant parts with this stuffing, add olive oil in it and cook into the stove under 1800 temperature for 25 minutes. Serve on in cold condition.

You need the following ingredients for cooking imam bayalti

eggplant eggplant 2 pieces

tomato tomato 4 pieces

pepper pepper 1 pieces

chilli chilli 1 pieces

onion onion 2 head

garlic garlic 3 clove

walnut walnut 3 tablespoon

oil oil

parsley parsley 1 bouquet

nana nana 0.5 teaspoon

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 183 kcal