How to cook grandfather’s mustache

Grate onion, add to the meat, pour salt and stir. Pour lecho into the pan. In case you do not have lecho, peel 3-4 tomatoes, cook with chopped pepper and onion. Add salt, pepper and greens. Take 8-10 sticks of spaghetti, halve. Take a little meat, put on the spaghetti like kabab. Put in the pan. Repeat till spaghetti and meat end. Place kababs separately. Apply butter on them. Pour as much water as to cover them. Close the lid, boil 15-20 minutes. Serve with greens on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking grandfather’s mustache

beef beef 500 gram

onion onion 1 head

spaghetti spaghetti 500 gram

tomato tomato

pepper pepper

onion onion 1 head

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

green green

butter butter 50 gram

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 138 kcal