How to cook baskets with greens and eggs

Cut ribbed dough according to the oven sampler and put into the places with the help of slight pressing, put scrape on it yolk and put on the beforehand heated stove under 1900 temperature. The dough should be cooked but don’t let it get red. Put spinach into the boiling water and add salt take off in a minute, remove it from water, overwhelm it with cold water and leave it to become free form water. Cut onion into small pieces, fry with little olive oil, add cut garlic, water free and small cut spinach, spice with nuts, salt and pepper, cook with mixing until there appears water free mass. Grape the cheese. Take off the dough from the stove, on each one place grated cheese and add on it the mass of spinach, make a hole with the help of the convex part of the spoon, put on the hole quail or hen egg, add salt and pepper on the yolk again put into the stove and leave the white part to thicken. Yolk should stay watery. Serve immediately.

You need the following ingredients for cooking baskets with greens and eggs

puff pastry puff pastry 500 gram

spinach spinach 2 bouquet

quail egg quail egg 6 pieces

egg egg 1 pieces

oil oil

onion onion

garlic garlic

nutmeg nutmeg

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 647 kcal