How to cook dumplings with corn flour

Cut Beijing cabbage, put on the cold water and let the bitterness to come out. Sprinkle corn flour into the pot, add salt, add boiled water little by little, mix with spoon, leave it to cool so much as it would be possible to knead, there should be solid dough, beat it and put aside. Pour a little olive oil into the pan, fry water free Beijing cabbage, spice with garlic, soy sauce, add salt, red pepper, add cut green onion and take off the fire, pour into some pot and leave it to cool. Open the dough with 3 mm thickness, cut with 4*8 sm rectangular sides, put stuffing part on one side, cover with the other part and fix the edges. Put dumplings on the olive paper, and cook them on the stew for 10 minutes. Scrape olive oil on the dumplings and sprinkle soy sauce on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking dumplings with corn flour

flour flour 300 gram

cabbage cabbage 500 gram

green onion green onion 250 gram

garlic garlic 10 gram

soy sauce soy sauce 3 tablespoon

oil oil 15 ml

red pepper red pepper

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 45 kcal