How to cook classical uzbek manti

Manti differs from palmenis in that it is boiled on the steam. There are pans special for mantis at the bottom of which water is filled and manti is placed on the net. In case you do not have such a pan, boil water, put a bowl on the pan, grease, place a few layers of manti, cover with another plate, cook on a moderate fire. Combine flour, an egg, salt and a little water, knead dough, round it up, cover and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Spread with 1-2sm thickness, split into squares of 10:10 size. Chop the mutton or grate in a mill with large holes. Add the chopped onion, black pepper, a few spoons brite, stir well. Chop the tail fat into bean-sized pieces. Put a tablespoon meat and a little fat on each dough-square. Close the dough on the top. Cover the mantis with towel to dry it. Place in the pan separately. Cook for 45 minutes. You may pour water on them if they are too dry. Serve manti with broth or sour cream. Pour chopped coriander. You may also fry mantis till they become red, then cook on the steam. So it will boil more quickly and may be placed in a few layers, and not only one.

You need the following ingredients for cooking classical uzbek manti

flour flour 500 gram

egg egg 1 pieces

salt salt 1 teaspoon

water water 0.5 teacup


lamb lamb 1 kg

black pepper black pepper 1 teaspoon

sheep's edge sheep's edge 150 gram

cilantro cilantro

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 279 kcal