How to cook hot dish with broccoli and cheese

Put the curd into the pot, mash it, garte on it the butter, break 1 egg, mix it, then sprinkle the flour add 0,5 tea spoon salt and 1 tea spoon baking powder, knead the dough, roll with food membrane and put into the freeze for 30 minutes.Cut brocoli into pieces, stew on the steam for 5 minutes, remove into the plate and leave to cool. Take off the dough from the stove, roll it spread on the sampler with 2-.3sm debth thrill the dough with fork, put the list of oil paper, put any grain and put into the beforehand heated stove under 2000 C temperatute and cook for 10-12 minutes. Break 4 eggs into the pot, add cream, spice with salt and pepper and mix. Take off the grained oil paper, slightly sprinkle zera on the dough, replace the sampler nto the stove and bake for 5 minutes. Separate brocoli and brinzza cheese. Take off the sampler out of the stove, put on the hole separated broccoli and cheese, cream suace, put the sampler into the stove and cook for 25 minutes, then sprinkle on it the grated cheese and cook for 15 minutes.

You need the following ingredients for cooking hot dish with broccoli and cheese

COM_CCK_broccoli COM_CCK_broccoli 400 gram

cottage cheese cottage cheese 200 gram

butter butter 100 gram

flour flour 2 teacup

egg egg 5 pieces

opener opener 1 teaspoon

cream cream 150 ml

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 584 kcal