How to cook donuts with curd

Mix egg, salt and sugar into the pan, add curd and mash, sprinkle the flour and knead.There should be knead which will slightly touch in you your hands. Make balls from the dough, make a hole with finger and shape donuts. Heat oil into the stewpot, fry donuts on both sides take and put on the napkin. When it is a little cool sprinkle vanilla sugar.

You need the following ingredients for cooking donuts with curd

cottage cheese cottage cheese 200 gram

egg egg 1 pieces

sugar sugar 100 gram

sodasoda sodasoda 0,5 teaspoon

vinegar vinegar 1 teaspoon

flour flour 1 teacup

brown sugar brown sugar

salt salt

oil oil 200 ml

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 153 kcal