How to cook solid pancakes

Break a whole egg into the pot, add the rest of the egg yolk. Add on the eggs 0,5 cup of sugar, mix it well until there appears a slight mass, add matsun, vanillin fat, mix it well then add the mixture of flour, baking powder and starch then mix it knead it well and leave it for 5-6 minutes to rest. Turn on the stove under 1700 temperature, spread olive paper on the pan, and mix the egg protein. Shape ping-pong ball like balls from the dough, imbrue the one side into the mixed egg protein, imbrue into the sugar and put on the stove pan with the up way with that side. Bake into the beforehand heated stove until it becomes yellow and there appears cracks .

You need the following ingredients for cooking solid pancakes

egg egg 2 pieces

sugar sugar 1 teacup

butter butter 100 gram

matsun matsun 40 ml

opener opener 0.5 teaspoon

flour flour 1.5 teacup

starch starch 0.5 teacup

vanilla vanilla 1 teaspoon

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 222 kcal