How to cook banana bun

Melt the butter and freeze. Sift 3 1/4 cup of flour. Make the banana puree by blender , salt about one cup of puree, add vanilla. Pour in the pot the milk, water, yeast and mix. Add banana, sugar and butter. Mix also flour and make a sticky dough. Sprinkle flour on the table generously, knead the dough until it will stop cling the hands. Cover it and leave until the amount of dough will grow twice. Knead the dough again, make small balls, clamp on frying pan. Scrape milk and yolk mixture on it and leave for twenty minutes. Warm the oven in advance to 200 degree, bake the buns about twenty minutes. The buns should acquire golden peel. Serve with tea or milk.

You need the following ingredients for cooking banana bun

flour flour 3 teacup

butter butter 25 gram

banana banana 3 pieces

salt salt 0.5 teaspoon

vanilla vanilla 1 teaspoon

milk milk 0.5 teacup

yeast yeast 15 gram

sugar sugar 3 tablespoon

yolk yolk 1 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 185 kcal